Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars will completely eliminate every stereotype about bad drivers. Until then just get a nicer car and hope people don’t notice you’re a terrible driver. It’s okay. At Ackerman Toyota we understand. 3636 South Kingshighway, St Louis MO


Olympic Games Peace and Friendship

The Olympics are as much about peace and friendship between the competing nations as they are about the results of the competition. The flame is a positive symbol, dating back to Ancient Greece, and the torch relay represent friendship and peace, making the torch one of the most important symbols of the Olympic games.

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10 St. Louis Farmers Markets to Visit with Your Kids This Summer |

A trip to the farmer’s market is a fun outing for the entire family – and it can be educational too. Make plans to visit one (or several) of these top St. Louis farmers’ markets this summer, so that you and your kids can learn more about where your food comes from and indulge in some of the freshest, seasonal produce the St. Louis region has to offer. Plus, many of these markets offer activities just for kids.